Hair Removal

Hair Removal Abu Dhabi

GET RID OF UNWANTED HAIR quickly, safely and virtually without pain with Ellipse.

Put an end to the slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal. Shaving, waxing and tweezing have been replaced by hair removal in a flash. The Ellipse System uses safe, visible light emitted from a flash lamp to remove unwanted hair from all body sites in minutes.

Laser Hair removal in Abu Dhabi

Laser Hair removal is one of the most popular laser-based aesthetic procedures that can provide permanent reduction of unwanted hair, which is why people often refer to it as ‘permanent hair removal‘.

Corpofino, having more than 10 years of experience in the industry of hair removal, confidently assures you to achieve the results that you have been looking for: safe, effective, permanent and suitable for all skin types.

Ellipse Hair Removal

Corpofino offers professional and tailored hair removal solutions to suit your individual needs and budget in UAE. All treatments are performed by highly trained nurses and Laser technicians using the latest medical grade hair removal systems.

The Ellipse light is not a laser. It is a second generation intense pulsed light (I2PL) system, using broad-spectrum visible light. Our clinically proven implementation of the patented technology “Dual-filtering mode” which takes away those wavelengths that only cause heating of the water in the skin. In other words: we get the best possible results with minimum discomfort and risk of side effects.

There are lots of different types of cosmetic lasers. The ones used for hair removal use the color that is in your hair to heat up and damage the root strong enough to stop the hair from growing again. If you are considering laser hair removal, here is what you need to know:

What is Laser/ light based Hair Removal?

Corpofino is proud to introduce the latest, state-of-the-art hair removal technology Ellipse I2PL, the second generation intense pulsed light (I2PL) system, using broad-spectrum visible light with upper and lower cut off-filters.

We know that having smooth, silky and healthy skin doesn’t just begin and end with simply removing hair. Corpofino Laser Hair Removal is the best value for your money in hair removal services. Here is what you should expect from us:

– Thorough and honest consultation

– No waiting time with appointments

– No rush

– Professional and courteous attitude and concern for your well-being

– Clean and efficient facilities

– Thorough treatments

– Fair and competitive pricing and several payment options

How does the Ellipse treatment work?

The visible light from the flash lamp is guided via a glass prism to the hairy area. Hair contains pigment (melanin) that absorbs the light and converts it into heat. This heat is led through the hair into the hair follicle which is then destroyed and rendered, making it unable to produce new hair.

Can all types of hair be treated?

The unique software of the Ellipse System has pre-programmed settings for different hair thicknesses and skin colors that adjust the energy output accordingly which makes the treatment safer and more effective.

Does it hurt?

No, most people describe the sensation as similar to that of a rubber band snapping onto the skin.

How many Ellipse treatments do I need?

Usually 6 treatments are needed and the intervals between treatments are typically 6 weeks.

Are the results permanent?

10-year follow-up study performed in Denmark to check the permanency of photo epilation showed that the results obtained after a course of Ellipse treatments were maintained up to 10 years which is the duration of the study.

Comparison between Ellipse and Laser

Ellipse I2PL:

Ellipse system suits all skin colors from fair to dark skin typesEach kind of laser suits a different skin colorSuits all skin types but with a risk of burning
Ellipse has minimum risk for skin burning because of the Dual Filtering Mode.Using the wrong laser equipment for the skin type causes burnsLack of Dual Filtering Mode creates a risk of skin burns
Ellipse is a faster hair removal solution, because it can treat larger areas due to big spot sizeLaser has a small spot size which takes longer to treat same areaSmall or medium spot size
Ellipse treatment is gentle and practically painless due to Dual Filtering ModeQuite painful and cooling is needed to make treatment tolerableOften recommends external cooling with less efficacy and multiple treatments
Rectangular spots and safe overlapping procedure minimize the risk of skipping spacesCircular spot causes skipping of spaces between shotsRectangular spots but overlapping is not recommended.
No cooling neededCooling is essentialCooling is advisable
Proven permanent results due to its unique Square Pulse technology AND Dual Mode Filtering of the pulsed light.Some lasers offer long term results while others are short term hair reduction systems.Short term hair reduction systems, not permanent
Clinical results proved that hair loss is maintained for more than 10 yearsSome lasers offer long term results while others are short term hair reduction systems.Hair grows back thinner and lighter
Attacks hair follicle onlyAttacks hair follicleAttacks skin and hair follicle
Reaches all hair follicles no matter how deep due to its broad spectrum and pressure techniqueDue to its single wavelength, laser reaches only a certain depth which limits its efficacy

Broad spectrum but can’t use pressure technique due to lack of Dual Filtering Mode. Cooling will make treatments less effective

Hair Bleaching Laser

The Q7 Q-switch Nd:YAG laser offers the ultimate solution to the fine hairs that cannot be easily removed. It bleaches the hair thus making it invisible without any risk of hair growth stimulation. It uses the Q-switched Laser Technology that finally offers the first solution to the fine hairs that cannot be easily removed. It bleaches the hair thus making it invisible without any risk of hair growth stimulation.

How does it work?

This laser is able to reach fine hairs that cannot be removed by other lasers. It targets the melanin in the hair shaft and bleaches it, thus making it invisible. This is a unique solution for unwanted baby hair.

Why should I choose this treatment?

The laser technology bleaches the fine hairs to give you the desired baby skin. This laser treats any type of skin: white, dark and tanned.

What body areas can be treated? How many treatments do I need?

All body areas can undergo the laser bleaching treatments safely and effectively except the eye area. Laser hair bleaching can be done once every 4 – 6 weeks and when desired.

What does the procedure feel like?

The treatment is superficial and not painful. Patients report a slight tingling sensation- however a topical anesthetic can be applied if requested.

What do I expect before and after the treatment?

Before Treatment

  • -Refrain from using bleaching and exfoliating creams for 7 days prior to the treatment.
  • -The treated area must be free of any open sores, lesions or skin infection.
  • -Avoid tanning 1 week before, we cannot treat irritated skin.


After Treatment
For laser bleaching, the hair becomes almost invisible. After 10- 15 days they fall out and then re-grow after 4 – 6 weeks in the same texture and quality. No specific care is needed except for the use of sunscreen.

  • -Mild redness
  • -Apply cold gauze and soothing cream if indicated by practitioner
  • -Avoid sun exposure and cosmetics for 48hrs.
  • -Apply sunscreen on a daily basis.
  • -After 10-15 days the hair will fall out and then re-grow after 4-6 weeks in same texture and quality. But in many cases thin hair may not fall but it remains white.
  • -After several sessions, there is a possible hair reduction, but it’s not guaranteed